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WhatsApp Marketing :

WhatsApp marketing opens up avenues for brands to promote their products and services. We help brands in fulfilling their objective of brand awareness through Broadcast Messages. On different WhatsApp Groups, we also seed the CTAs for the promotion of particular branded links. WhatsApp as a platform allows businesses to build strong customer relationships, given the ease of communication. Here the customers get their queries solved comfortably, saving them a lot of time and energy.

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy at SocioClout 

  1. Platform Capabilities:

WhatsApp offers a plethora of features that assist in marketing. Some of them include the following:

  1. i) Individual chat
  2. ii) Group messaging

iii) Broadcast lists

  1. iv) Status

 Given these amazing features, direct and personalized communication with the target audience is a possibility. We leverage these features depending on the campaign objectives. 

  1. WhatsApp Communities:

WhatsApp groups or communities are significant in sending out tailored messaging to a large group of people, following specific interests, in a given location, amongst other demographics. These communities are helping in building customer consideration and building customer loyalty. The messaging can be around the campaign communication, to attract the group members to either ask queries or make purchases. There can be multiple WhatsApp groups suitable for different individual services of a given business. The possibilities with WhatsApp Communities are vast and must be explored by businesses across industries. 

  1. Broadcast Messages:

Broadcast messages are personalized and cater to audiences who have Opted In for the messages. This assures businesses that they will get high open rates and higher chances of converting a customer. These messages are mostly brought to use for key announcements, service messages, promotions and other related insights. 

  1. Seeding Calls to Action (CTAs):

These messages are mostly used to drive traffic to a website/app or to get some action done by the users. These are strategic messages meant to fulfil business objectives, which can be: i) Feedback survey, ii) Rewards/Offers, iii) New product launch

 Managing WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

  1. Following Compliance:

At SocioClout, we give great regard to WhatsApp policies to safeguard user privacy. We keep user consent utmost and make sure that we do not bombard people with messages without their sign-up for the same. This policy is essential in bridging user loyalty, as well as protecting the business image.

  1. Building Content Calendar:

To make the content highly relevant and useful to the users, we build a content calendar, putting into place post timings to capture a greater response rate. WhatsApp messages need to be short and to the point, to derive maximum engagement while delivering the business messages.

  1. Engage & Interact:

Whenever required, we get back to solve the customer queries on WhatsApp. The customer messages are reverted timely and it helps the brands strengthen customer relationships. This will further build customer loyalty in the business. Businesses that interact with their customers, stand a higher chance of getting business from them.

  1. Optimizing WhatsApp Messaging:

For message optimization, we use analytical tools. WhatsApp Analytics captures message delivery, and opening/response rate, followed by the conversion metrics. This gives a good overview to the businesses, regarding the performance of their WhatsApp messaging. Using the same, they can refine the messages and optimisation strategy.

  1. Continuous Improvement:

To address the changing consumer behaviour, there are changes made to the marketing strategy based on the insights and analytics of past campaigns. SocioClout plays an important role in adapting a new strategy that optimizes and enhances the messaging performance.

WhatsApp marketing is a fabulous way of reaching out to their audiences and building their reputation. Businesses can increase their website traffic, queries and conversions by consistently marketing on WhatsApp. SocioClout makes the optimization process a breeze, with a keen eye for detail, when we talk of scaling the business using WhatsApp.