Launch Campaigns

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Launch Campaigns :

Introducing a new product in the market is not a child’s play. Although, ‘product launches’ have increasingly become a buzzword lately, as more and more professionals are opting for entrepreneurship. We take a deep dive into the brand’s persona and present growth ideas for the brand to get mileage across the social media platforms. Some of the digital activities we do, include hosting Instagram contests, hashtag challenges, giveaways, and more.

At SocioClout, we realize the nitty-gritty details attached to introducing a new product in the present-day competitive market. Our approach to digital launch campaigns utilizes our expertise in the influencer marketing space, to ensure higher growth and visibility for brands. The brand campaigns are structured to create buzz, entice potential customers and drive ROI through the planning and execution of digital activations.

E-Commerce Campaign Planning

When it comes to e-commerce brands, product launches must be diligently planned, to address the new and existing customers. At SocioClout, the e-commerce campaign starts with an intensive study of the brand’s TG and its positioning in the competitive marketing landscape. Post this, we customize our strategy to fit the brand objectives.

Digital Launch Strategy

Digital launch strategy involves the utilization of all digital channels to attain maximum output. It includes: 

  1. Influencer tie-ups: We tie-up with the influencers whose target audience aligns with the respective brand’s campaign goals. This leads to creative content creation for the brands. The influencers create unique content, and also amplify the brand assets.

  2. Contests and giveaways: This is an effective way of building intrigue amongst the target group. The entries shared by the TG, help in amplifying the brand communication in a strategic manner. Hashtags are used as tools to spark online trends, while meaningfully popularizing the brand. This invites audience participation and further develops their interest in the brand. 

Digital Video Content (DVC)

DVC creation is a part of the campaign launch initiatives, since it briefly showcases the USPs of the product in question. It starts with conceptualizing, scripting, and finally shooting the DVC with brand approval. This brand asset is later amplified through influencers and community pages. 

Execution and Monitoring

For every campaign, our team closely monitors campaign parameters, to ensure promising results. Real-time campaign tracking helps us stay updated by the audience response, and make any changes when required. Proactive monitoring plays a pivotal role in maximizing the campaign’s impact and delivery. This results in providing great value to the clients and keeping them aware of the campaign’s performance. 

Post-Launch Analysis

Once the campaign is complete, we do an overall analysis to understand the engagement metrics and influencer performance. This starts with studying the effectiveness of the applied strategies and other campaign elements. It provides the clients with the know-how of which strategy stood out, and what helped the brand achieve desired outputs. The same could be used again in the future, ensuring consistent growth and innovation. 

At SocioClout, we acknowledge that a remarkable product launch should leave a lasting impression. It should result in audience actions, translating into brand consideration and loyalty. Through inclusive planning, leveraging digital marketing tools and continuous optimization brands can build a space for themselves in the ever-evolving business landscape.