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Networking in nativity- LinkedIn is now Hindi

Did you know that the professional networking platform LinkedIn is now available in Hindi. As India is the second-largest market for LinkedIn, this step would support over 600 million Hindi speakers worldwide. Members can access their feed and create content in Hindi. Helping them avail greater value from the platform without any language barrier.

Social Issue advertising governed by new rules by META

Meta has announced new enforcement on ads on social issues. Ads on Social issues are often sensitive and controversial as the ads are also capable of affecting voting decisions. Therefore, they’d have to include “Paid by” disclaimers. Because of which the advertisers also have to first confirm their identity and hence increasing authenticity and transparency.

Reeling in the replies Instagram way

Instagram has rolled out a new feature that lets users can reply to post comments with reels, which has been in the testing phase for a while. This new feature was officially announced on December 10 which helps one can select the reels button while replying and the video reply will appear as a button.

Building a community with the new tips and tools of engagement.

Meta released some tips and tools for its members. This would help to connect with the audience. Following these steps can help businesses and content creators to build a community. The examples of these are “Facebook live Creator Broadcasting Tools” and “spotlight Conversations.”

A sneak peek into the 2022 Instagram trend report

Instagram has revealed its Trend report predicting social trends in 2022. Instagram tapped into the minds of Gen-Z to understand their views. There they highlight the possible changes across various categories like fashion, music, beauty, memes, social justice, creators, etc.

Instagram has also released series of video interviews with relevant influencers in various genres.

Advertisement of Cryptocurrency at Meta has new eligibility.

Meta has expanded its eligibility requirements for cryptocurrency advertisements. They have now increased the number of regulatory licenses accepted from 3 to 27. These changes will make the policy more transparent and equitable, which will help the smaller businesses to grow.