Learn how brands can leverage memes in their marketing strategy!

In the present age of influencer marketing when the dependence of people on digital media is at an all-time high, ‘memes’ are turning out to be the most versatile form of content. These shareable posts and reels inform as well as entertain the viewers, keeping their mood light and jolly. 

Imagine you’re having a stressful or boring day at work, and all of a sudden your colleague shows you a hilarious meme! For a moment, you would ease down and join the fun. That is the power of memes, that they can’t be ignored. And when it comes to brand-building, you would like your target audience to relate to your brand values and not be able to ignore them. That’s where meme marketing comes into the picture. 

What is Meme Marketing?

Meme marketing is the usage of humour and emotional connection to create relatable posts. These posts usually have funny messaging/commentary centred around trending topics. What makes memes so special is their level of shareability, making them excessively popular within a short span of time. Another important aspect of memes is their timely use and references to pop culture. They are mostly created and shared mostly by GenZ, who influence trends and spark conversations across different social media platforms. Popular formats used by meme creators are X (Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and TikTok. 

Meme creators and meme communities enjoy huge following and engagement on their pages. They have gained such numbers with their consistent meme sharing, and keeping their audience entertained. 

Virality Factor of Memes For Businesses

Brands can utilize memes to reach out to the younger population, which is the biggest meme consumer. As per Pew Research Centre’s research on memes, about 75% of people in the age group of 13-36 post memes, with 55% of them sharing memes weekly. Highly relatable memes have the element of virality attached to them. Memes have the power to spread across digital platforms quickly, hence reaching wider audience segments. A meme posted on Instagram may reach WhatsApp and other messenger apps, given the aspect of personalization in the content. 

How Brands Can Leverage Memes?

Brands can capitalize on the ongoing trends, be it a festive period, or any moment marketing activity. Memes act as the secret sauce to organic marketing, amplifying brand messaging subtly. They can be used to diversify the reach of brand assets with a quirky copy supporting them. 

The benefits of meme marketing for brands are aplenty. Some of them are listed below: 

  1. Help in Brand Differentiation
    Memes give the differentiator factor to brands making them reach out to audiences in Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities. Regional pages also help diversify brand awareness and consideration.
  2. Humanize Marketing Endeavors
    In the age of AI, the relatability of memes shows that a human is behind the marketing efforts. This can be understood by the emotional aspects of the memes where brand messaging is integrated.
  3. Memorable Content
    Given the strategic and creative brand integration, meme campaigns have the possibility of making it big. Exceptional content stays for longer and can be referred back even in later days. That reflects the brand’s trustability amongst the consumers.  

With these striking benefits, brands should consider integrating meme marketing into their digital marketing strategy. In a nutshell, it imbibes a sense of relatability and inclusiveness to the brand. The positive and fun side of the brand comes out, to boost customer loyalty.      

At SocioClout, we ideate and execute meme marketing for brands through influencers and community pages. Fulfill your brand objectives with us in style. For more details, connect with our team.