Instagram is on the cusp of revamping the tube

Wait, what? Revamping the tube? As in Youtube? But Instagram and Youtube? No, there is no merger or purchase happening. Instagram is fast becoming a video content provider. It is fast becoming a trend across platforms to provide video content, in the long and short format. While this is not official, it is easily observed. So buckle up, if you are a content creator. If you want to increase your reach and audience and monetise your page, then video is the way.

What is my proof for moving toward the video discussion?

Well, for starters an announcement by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri whereby he talks about how at instagram they are dissatisfied by just photo-sharing and chort video formats. They want instagram to become a complete entertainment app and move towards full scale videos like YouTube and interesting short videos like TikTok.

Now that you are hooked, let us explain what will happen-

  • The live streams on instagram are going to get longer. Live feeds will soon be up to four hours instead of 1. It will get its own archiving feature where it can be revisited again. This is a big move which will help creators have a more immersive experience when going live.
  • Instagram stories will get more streamlined to feature videos and it will be more streamlined as their internal research said that nearly 78% brands had a much increased audience after they become regular on stories.
  • IGTV will now play advertisements. In a move to make it become similar to Youtube, the IGTV videos will play adverts. So just like youtube, the longer the video, the more instagram is going to promote your content. IGTV is the next big influencer trend. Long and crisp videos will get a push through the algorithm.
  • Reels are here to stay and get more popular- Youtube has copied the format in shorts. TikTok is getting banned in a few countries. Instagram has realised the true potential of the short video format and therefore, it is increasing the length of the reels and making it more immersive. The trend is ENTERTAINMENT.

So is it bye-bye to static posts?

Well no. Static posts are still staying, but they are not being given leverage, from 4% then creation of the carousel posts have increased to 29%. Using this format to create content that can be saved, reposted, shared will be a good tool to increase the audience reach.

Therefore, let’s remember the world is changing, so is Instagram, let’s create a video to announce this.