Influencer Marketing Trends- 2022

Are you still struggling to figure out what time is best for posting on Instagram? How to make your content viral? Here are a few influencer marketing trends to watch in 2022. These will help you reach the target audience and enhance your profile impression and engagement.

We’ll cover how Instagram is supporting creators and why everybody should work with micro-influencers. What works according to the new algorithm and why video content is preferred.

Let’s look at the trends to keep a radar on in 2022:

  1. Marketplaces For Creators

Tiktok has given us its Creator Marketplace and it is making it easy for brands and creators to collaborate on campaigns. Instagram has also introduced a suite of new tools enabling creators and brands connect through brand partnerships, commerce and more. This truly is helpful to creators to use new features and tools more easily.

  1. The Growth of Micro and Nano Influencers

Instagram is providing a stage for the nano and micro-influencers to make their amp up their page. The new study has also revealed that fewer followers on Instagram, the higher their average engagement rate. This helps them to grow faster and have a more powerful social presence, despite smaller followings.

  1. A Focus on Video Content Partnerships

The emerging popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels is making vertical video a must-have format for influencer marketing. Marketing experts recommend focusing on the target audience and creating content in the form of reels and videos. This is a new way to up the game on Instagram.

  1. Influencers became entrepreneurs – shift from influencer marketing

Influencer marketing industry has created whole business owners. This has been a growing trend, thus opening up a lot of opportunities for partnerships and converting their passion into new opportunities.

  1. Authenticity is the new perfection

Authenticity is the most constructive way to raise a digital community. Creators are moving from the perfectly curated aesthetic feed towards the authentic in-the-moment photos of their lives. It’s a tip for brands to focus on the creators who value real relationships and offer authenticity.

  1. Diversity and Inclusion

In 2020, many creators voiced about the importance of more representation in influencer marketing. As an entrepreneur and content creator said that, “representation matters as it inspires and can change the way people see themselves and how they see the brand.”

  1. Bringing more Partnerships and Collaborations beyond influencer marketing

 Paid collaborations are good, but it is important to have ongoing partnerships and collaborations with other creators and brands. This collaboration builds trust amongst the influencer’s community also adding a level of legitimacy. Furthermore, it’ll promote sales, and build brand trust and adds to credibility of your influencer marketing.

  1. Discussion about UGC and Crediting

 User-granted content(UGC) has been observed as more truthful than brand advertising and helps create credibility of the product. People want to make sure of their work to be credited and compensated too. The more the trust, the better the rewards in influencer marketing.

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