Influencer Marketing Planning

Influencer Marketing is a form of social media marketing where a person with influence is used to promote various brands and products that fit their niche. It focuses on delivering the brand message via content created by the said Influencer, who has the power to affect the target audience.

Not long ago, actors and sports personalities were considered influencers. But since the surge of social media, a lot of ‘real people have gotten a platform to showcase their content and their talent. These common people have gained a massive fan following. It is because they are relatable and have a sense of belonging among the common man. Their relatability is increased because of their age group, class and regions and hence follow their trends ardently.

Like every other marketing campaign, Influencer Marketing requires a strategy. Selecting the right fit for your brand is the only way to get a successful return on Investment.

How to select your right fit in influencer marketing?


For any product or service, it is important to know your target audience. This is because any influencer marketing campaign can only be successful when you know your audience and their needs and choices. There would be a specific group of people that you want to target. People from different age groups or interests can not be influenced by the same strategy, hence you should know the audience you are targeting. This helps you select your influencers with care.


Choosing the right influencer can be a difficult task and might require a little effort. But how do you know who is the right choice for your brand?

  •  Social media influencers have specific categories, also called niches, for their content. These niches can be lifestyle, filmmaking, travel, beauty amongst others. You need to find an influencer in the said niche that fits your brand most.
  • Find out their reach and engagement rate. Reach refers to the total number of people who see and get influenced by their content.
  •  The number of followers is important, it is also important to check the engagement. What percent of the following converts to views, likes, comments. This will help you understand what would be the maximum impression you could get.
  •  Find out more about their audience and try and establish a narrative to how they could pitch your brand.
  • Those influencers who manage their community better than others, despite a lower following might be a better fit, for they have more trust and relatability. It is observed that the influencers who interact more with their audience are trusted more by their fans.


Now that you know your audience and you have chosen the right influencer, you have to establish a relationship. A brand needs to communicate their ideas, their expectations from the campaign and the story they want to narrate to the influencer. Influencer marketing is all about communication. The brand communication with the creator needs to be confusion-free. Any brand mandates, terms and conditions of the campaign should be discussed and agreed upon before starting a campaign.


Out of the box, ideas are always the ones to get the most attention. You can always try to think and act unconventionally and push the envelope. The influencer must be given the freedom to create content creatively. If the influencer is encouraged to work independently and innovatively, he would create the best content as per the brand mandates.

To explain this with an example:-

  • Some might prefer strategies like personalised discount codes, giveaways and creative contests to attract a larger audience.
  • For those who have teenagers and young adults as their audience, find meme templates, movie dialogues and trending catchphrases are more interesting than the conventional marketing techniques. Therefore they may integrate such phrases in their content.


Once the campaign is completed, it is vital to track the success of your project. There are various tools available to monitor the activity and find out the impressions and the reach. You can monitor the number of likes, retweets and engagement rate per post and overall. This is beneficial while analyzing the performance of the influencer marketing campaign.

To sum up the action plan of influencer marketing

While this all seems easy, it is not. Influencer marketing campaigns are highly rewarding, yet they are time-consuming and very diverse, it is important to consult an experienced team and have them onboard. Go ahead and leverage the power of social media for your brand. To know more contact us here.