Audios and Podcasts are going to make a mark

While everyone is talking about podcasts, some are still trying to wonder what they are. Well, to start off let’s get to know a podcast.

What is a podcast?

To simplify it, or rather easily explain it, an audio file or program, which one can download and listen to, at any time and on their devices is called a podcast. They are essentially an episode of spoken audio on any given topic you are downloading it on.

A podcast essentially can be:-

  • Of any given length
  • Have any frequency of being posted
  • Can be in any format from standalone podcasts, to a continuous ‘show’
  • Dynamically diverse topics may be considered.

What is the difference between a normal audio file and a podcast?

An audio file when downloaded and the podcast orator or speaker is subscribed too, becomes a podcast. Essentially it is similar to video content, where you are following the audio content of a specific creator.

Why are podcasts getting popular?

The most important thing to note about podcasts is the power it yields. It is extremely likely and more of a human nature to believe what we hear about. Not only do podcasts convert complex arguments and thoughts into easily understandable and digestible bytes of information, but also create stories which are more relatable and believable. They also help because:-

  • They are played in the background- Multitasking and time restrictions are one of the major traits of the changing times. Podcasts help audiences save time, can be heard when their hands are otherwise busy, but their minds are free.
  • Podcasts help in staying abreast of the news and events- While newspapers and news channels are not going to be losing out to them, news podcasts are creating a loyal fan base for themselves because of the ease of their use. Even event companies are understanding the power behind this.
  • Screen time reduced, but no stopping entertainment- because of the changing world, everyone is concerned about their screen time. Listening to podcasts is not just entertaining, but it also helps in cutting back the stress to the eyes.

Why podcasts are here to stay and are going to make a mark-

  • It is an upcoming world of media. The competition here is very low. The scope of content creativity is high. The engagement rates could really spiral here.
  • Convenience to users- The fact that it doesn’t require an extra effort of reading or a comfort zone to be watched, they can be listened to anytime and anywhere. Therefore, a huge audience zone opens up.
  • Smartphones that do not have high resolution video and very basic features can also listen to high quality podcasts, opening up a mass segment untapped.
  • With audiobooks, audi news, Facebook Rooms, Twitter spaces, Spotify, Openhouse and other platforms coming up and investing in this, this is definitely here to stay.
  • The cost of creation is much lower and more scalable than a video content.
  • Credibility- experts talking give credibility. It imparts information as not every one has the patience to read through a lot of literature.

To finally sum it up, it can safely be said that audio and podcasts are going to make a mark and are here to stay.